On Friday, February 22, 2019, Fred Zinober served as one of six panelists presenting a seminar on professionalism to the St. Petersburg Bar, which was held before a crowd of over 100 attorneys at Stetson Law School. Fred served on a panel of three lawyers, including Assistant State Attorney Fred Schaub and civil and domestic law attorney Pat Anderson, as well as three members of the judiciary:  Chief Judge Anthony Rondolino, Judge Nancy Moate Ley, and Judge Susan St. John. The presentation, which was moderated by Judge Pamela Campbell and Judge Jack Hellinger presented a series of film skits demonstrating lawyers and judges that straddle the line of ethical behavior, followed by a view from the bench and the bar. The panelists, including Fred, were asked to comment and discuss the ethical and professional dilemmas facing the actors in the skit, and provide guidance to the members of the bar (many of whom were highly experienced practitioners, themselves) on how to avoid ethical and professional traps that may result in negative ramifications for those in the legal profession. The seminar was extremely well received by the attendees, and Fred was honored to serve as one of the presenters at the event.