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The attorneys at Zinober Diana P.A. have experience in a number of different areas of practice, including insurance law, regulatory compliance, commercial litigation, professional liability matters, and construction law. Collectively, we draw on the experience of each of our attorneys to provide a comprehensive analysis in response to inquiries by our clients. In addition, the remainder of our team includes dedicated professionals and paralegals who are committed to our clients, as well as the success of our firm. Whether you stop by our office, or give us a call, you will almost certainly find us hard at work on our various assignments.  
We are your neighbors, friends, and part of your community. We put our experience to work for you!

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As attorneys and counselors, our focus is to instill confidence in our clients on each and every assignment.  At Zinober Diana P.A., that objective is accomplished by creating a “partnership” between attorney and client.  As with any partnership, success is derived through the formulation of common goals and shared objectives.  We pledge to provide our clients with all legal options available on any given matter, as well as sound counsel on the practical implications of each option.

From there, our clients and Zinober Diana P.A. collectively develop a plan of action in furtherance of attaining the desired result.  While results are not guaranteed, comprehensive strategic planning identifies many contingencies that are likely to arise during our handling of your case.  As a consequence, our clients are fully informed at the outset of each matter thereby resulting in less surprises throughout the course of litigation.


Our firm includes attorneys with experience handling matters in several different areas of practice, including civil and criminal litigation, 3rd party liability and 1st party property insurance, negligent security cases, in-house corporate counsel, regulatory compliance, educational instruction, and legislative advisement.  Additionally, we do not operate a high-volume practice.  Rather, volume is controlled with each of our corporate clients so that we may provide greater focus on each assignment while ensuring that our response time to client inquiries is minimized.


At Zinober Diana P.A., we make every effort to offer competitive rates in hopes of reducing our client’s average expenses associated with the handling of matters requiring attorneys.  Our goal is to provide our clients with predictability of anticipated legal expenses wherever possible.  We offer traditional hourly pricing models, as well as flat-fee and hybrid models.  If you believe that our experience is suitable to meet your legal needs, please contact us to learn more about our rates.

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Our team includes dedicated professionals and paralegals who are
committed to our clients, as well as the success of our firm.