About Us

We are a different kind of firm. We have no clients. We only have friends.

Our commitment

The Practice of law is a relationship business. The highest honor that can be conferred on anyone affirming the Oath of the legal profession is to be asked to represent a person – be it a corporate person or an individual – in their time of need. When one of our clients gets sued, we are engaged to defend our clients against the allegations therein. We accept those cases on behalf of our clients, in essence, to defend them against whatever attack is presented. In the rare instance when it becomes necessary for us to sue someone or an entity, it is because they have harmed our client in some way, and legal restitution is available. In essence, each case is personal to each one of us, and only those attorneys who share these values become part of this firm. If this is the type of representation you seek, then we are interested in consulting with you in hopes that we can forge a lasting relationship.

In November of 2015, Fred Zinober and Tom Diana combined their numerous, but varied years of practice to form Zinober, Diana & Monteverde, P.A. After confirming they share the same core values of professionalism, diligence, and dedication to their clients and co-workers – above all – they embarked on establishing and expanding a different kind of law firm. This firm, they vowed, would integrate Tom’s technical, business, and engineering backgrounds, as well as his unique experience as former general counsel of a major insurance company, with Fred’s thirty-five plus years of trial practice, litigating and trying some of the most high profile cases in the Tampa Bay area, State of Florida, and nationally. In establishing Zinober, Diana & Monteverde, P.A., Fred and Tom have pledged to commit unwavering devotion to representing and trying cases for individuals and companies embroiled in controversies both large and comparatively small, both for the highest personal, financial and professional stakes imaginable while, at the same time, equally committing the same devotion to those matters with less at risk (although both Tom and Fred agree that there is no such thing as a “small” case – when it is one of our cases).

After pledging this commitment to each other, Fred and Tom actively went about recruiting like-minded committed attorneys and staff to join the team. There are no employees who come to Zinober, Diana & Monteverde, P.A. by happenstance. All are committed team members who must demonstrate the same level of devotion to our clients as Tom and Fred. That is our creed, that is our vision, that is our mission, and that is our pledge.

Our practice

Zinober, Diana & Monteverde, P.A. is, front and center, a trial practice firm. We don’t just shift paper from one side of the desk to the other. Fred, Tom, and the team have pooled their technical knowledge, engineering experience, insurance familiarity, and years of trial practice to concentrate on developing strategies and themes to place our clients in the optimum position to achieve as positive a result as possible.

Our primary focus is directed towards assisting insurance companies in protecting their rights under the policies that they have entered into with their insureds, as well as assisting the companies’ insureds when threatened with litigation, bad faith, or when the companies become subject to claims by third parties. We are equally adept at developing litigation strategies on behalf of clients who become involved in commercial disputes, whether it means affirmatively enforcing commercial rights by bringing claims and/or lawsuits on behalf of corporations and individuals, or protecting the rights of companies and citizens who have been brought into the litigation process. At Zinober, Diana & Monteverde, P.A., we are well equipped to both enforce and protect almost any claim brought on behalf of or against one of our clients, be it a corporation or individual. Although most claims are resolved without a trial, we strongly believe that it is our willingness and ability to prepare a case for trial, and our knowledge of what to do when we get there, that sets us apart in obtaining the best results, either inside or outside the courtroom.

Committed to our clients

Our team includes dedicated professionals and paralegals who are
committed to our clients, as well as the success of our firm.